Our mission is to fit you into a skate according to your foot structure and your skating requirements.

Our trained staff will carefully examine your foot for any unique characteristics, help you find a style, a fit and a boot that will be properly suited for your game.

With our wide range of skates, whether it be from beginner to elite, we will recommend the proper skate where comfort and performance will provide you with the skating satisfaction that every skater is looking for.

Skate Orthotics

The image shows two of the most common foot characteristics, SUPINATION and PRONATION. A properly fitted and sized boot will help with this situation. More importantly, a skate orthotic (which is completely different than a shoe orthotic) will help to correct the alignment.

We have 2 different types of skate orthotics, a “Step-In” trim-to-fit orhtotic and a complete “Custom Pro Orthotic” which our trained staff construct by creating a mold of your foot using our State of the Art equipment.

The “Custom Pro Orthotic” is built specifically to increase the skater’s performance by providing a proper support system to the foot and proper alignment when skating.