Skate Sharpening

We use Blademaster equipment to perform our skate sharpening. Blademaster is the choice of professionals and found in most NHL equipment rooms.

Our expert skate sharpening is carefully performed by hand using our very own 7 step process. We take a lot of pride in our skate sharpening to ensure we give the skater the required edge for maximum performance.

It’s why we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with the finished
product and feel the difference our sharpening makes!

Custom Radius

The radius of the skate is actually a portion of a circle ground onto the blade. The length of the radius controls the amount of blade in contact with the ice surface.

A skater’s correct radius is a balance between maneuverability and stability resulting in maximum control of edges and balance, addition of speed and reduced muscle fatigue. At Toronto Pro, we perform our Custom Radius Profiles specific to the skater’s requirements regardless of the position they play.

Skate Repairs

Blade repairs- our experienced professional staff can repair all major skate
manufacturers steel and blade holders. BAUER, CCM/RBK, EASTON, GRAF.

We can also repair all rivets, eyelets and minor repairs needed to get you back on the ice.

Skate Boot stretching and heating – Skates too tight? Pressure areas and bone spurs
hurting you from performing your best? Our professional staff can help heat, stretch and
ensure your boot has the right fit to maximize comfort and performance.